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Czech-Bavarian Geopark – The Geological Centre of Europe

The Czech-Bavarian Geopark is a perfect example of a region with occurrences of geological processes lasting hundreds of millions of years along the important Ohře Rift structure. This tectonic trench is the most geologically active area in the Bohemian Massif. Although the strongest geological processes ceased five million years ago, the remaining tectonics, volcanism, high heat flow, thermal springs and seismic activity still attract amateurs and experts alike. Geological units bordering on the trench valley demonstrate the over 600 million year history of the Earth and its remarkable mineral resources. All of these processes shaped the landscape that, today, is our home. Let us learn to understand it!

From a geological perspective, the geopark in Northwest Bohemia and in the adjoining part of Bavaria belongs among the unique areas of Europe and the world. In the territory of the Karlovy Vary Region, the Plzen Region (Tachovsko) and in four Bavarian districts (Neustadt/Waldnaab, Tirschenreuth, Wunsiedel and Bayreuth), the geological structure is an important factor in the economic and cultural development of human society. The significance of geology is reinforced by providing access to natural localities, nature trails and museum exhibits, by building information centres, and by organizing thematic exhibitions, lectures and cultural events. In this way, the geopark strengthens the relationship with the land and points out places of interest, which often remain unknown to the public. Thereby, it significantly promotes cross-border partnership and increases the region´s tourist appeal.


Karlovy Vary Region and Egeria Geopark

A large part of the Karlovy Vary Region lies in the geopark. Its territory contains many occurrences of various rocks – granites and gneisses, rare relicts of the Earth´s mantle, volcanic rocks and thick sedimentary units. The geological variety is enhanced by deposits of brown coal, ceramic raw materials, ores and precious metals, occurences of rare minerals, as well as by countless mineral springs and bizarre rock formations. Many of these places are protected as natural and technical monuments, the largest of which is the Slavkovský Les Protected Landscape Area. World-renowned geologists, such as Georgius Agricola, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Caspar Sternberg, Marie Curie-Sklodowska and others, have contributed significantly to the cultural and scientific spirit of the landscape. In June 2010, this part of the Karlovy Vary Region became the Egeria National Geopark.


Geoparks in Europe

The aim of the European Geopark Network under the auspices of UNESCO is to preserve unique geological regions. In Europe, the number of member geoparks has increased from four in 2000 to several dozen. With the expansion of the Global Geopark Network of UNESCO, the idea of geoparks is being promoted further around the world.

European geoparks represent clearly defined areas with rare geological phenomena, which are aesthetically striking and of scientific and educational value. Geoparks promote regional sustainable development, tourism, education and attract international awareness. We therefore believe that the Czech-Bavarian Geopark will soon follow the Bohemian Paradise in becoming a member of the European Geopark Network as well.

Geopark Structure and Management

The cross-border character of the Czech-Bavarian Geopark requires specific management, whose structure will further evolve with the expansion of activities. Currently, there are three independent managing committees, which closely coordinate the joint operation of the Geopark. As the Czech Geoparks Egeria and Geoloci, as well as Bavarian Geopark Bayern-Böhmen are yet certified National Geoparks of this or that country.

In the territory of the Egeria National Geopark, i.e. in the Districts of Cheb, Karlovy Vary and Sokolov in the Karlovy Vary Region, the initiative was first led by the Georgius Agricola Foundation, Slavkovský Les Region, and then by the regional development department of the Regional Authority of the Karlovy Vary Region in close collaboration with the Czech Geological Survey and other organizations. The position of Geopark Manager of the Regional Museum of Sokolov, currently the Sokolov Museum, a semi-budgetary organization of the Karlovy Vary Region, was established in September 2006.

In the territory of the GeoLoci Geopark (Districts of Tachov and, partially, Plzeň-North in the Plzeň Region), geopark operations are managed by the public benefit organization GeoLoci (

Bavarian part of the Geopark consists of the Geopark Bayern-Böhmen, which covers an area of ​​four provincial districts. It’s Management and Coordination Center is located in Parkstein ( The carrier of Geopark in Bavaria is in 2010 established nonprofit organization Geopark Bayern-Böhmen e. V.

The representatives of each National Geopark meet regularly, alternately in Bavaria and Bohemia. On the periodic rotation, the alternation of representatives for the whole Geopark at the international level is based.

Geopark Partners


Czech-Bavarian Geopark in the Karlovy Vary Region
Egeria National Geopark
Sokolov Museum, semi-budgetary organization of the Karlovy Vary Region
Zámecká 1
CZ-356 01 Sokolov
Czech-Bavarian Geopark in Bavaria
GEOPARK Bayern-Böhmen
Koordinations- und Geschäftsstelle
Marktplatz 1
D-92711 Parkstein


Czech-Bavarian Geopark in the Plzeň Region
GeoLoci, o.p.s.
CZ-349 01 Svojšín 1


Coordination and Collaboration:

Agentura projektového a dotačního managementu, p.o. (“Planning and Grant Management Agency, semi-budgetary organization“) – collaboration on investment projects of the Egeria Geopark

Georgius Agricola Foundation, Slavkovský Les Region – the original project owner. Transfer of important sites to the Karlovy Vary Region for further development of the infrastructure in the territory of the Egeria Geopark

Agentura ochrany přírody a krajiny ČR (“Nature and Landscape Protection Agency of the Czech Republic“) – Administration of Slavkovský Les Protected Landscape Area. Collaboration on activities and projects related to the Slavkovský Les Protected Landscape Area

Správa přírodních léčivých zdrojů a kolonád Karlovy Vary (“Mineral Water Bureau of Karlovy Vary“) – collaboration on promoting the Egeria Geopark

Czech Tourist Club – collaboration on promoting the geopark and assisstance in monitoring the condition of localities and information boards

Other Regional Museums – Cheb Museum, Karlovy Vary Museum – integrated together with the Sokolov Museum into one regional museum at the end of 2009,

Village of Rovná – collaboration on the preparation of facilities for the Hieronymus Mine

Village of Lipová – collaboration on providing access to the Železná Hůrka locality

Town of Krásno – collaboration on the preparation of facilities for the Hieronymus Mine, collaboration on the operations of the Mining Museum in Krásno

Town of Horní Slavkov – co-funding of the museum in Horní Slavkov

Town of Jáchymov – participation in providing access to Adit no. 1 in Jáchymov and other related work

Towns, villages and private companies, on whose grounds information boards were installed – collaboration on the monitoring of the boards

Czech Geological Survey – collaboration on promoting the Egeria Geopark, geological consultancy

Ministry of the Environment (MoE) – consultation on sustainable development and on acquisition of grants from the EU or MoE

Diamo, state-owned enterprise – consultation and collaboration on operations of and access to mine workings (Hieronymus Mine, Adit no. 1 in Jáchymov)

Technical University of Ostrava – Faculty of Mining and Geology – collaboration on promoting and providing access to underground areas